Time to start focusing on the little things.  16 oz lemon water at sleep and 16 oz first thing in the AM, take in a 30 gram carb/6 gram protein snack right after a harder workout or long run, consistently taking iron supplements with orange juice and doing your best to get 8+ hours of sleep each night are great places to start.  Incorporating these tips into your routine will help maintain your health as we start increasing the intensity during this block of training.  Our sights are set on being very fit in early 2019, we need your body to have the ability to resist breakdown at this crucial stage.  These tips may not seem very significant individually, but together they will have a very positive effect.  

What can you do today to take responsibility for being the best you can be?

Workout Pace Chart for reference on the workouts listed below:  https://www.aggiesrunning.com/workout-pace-chart

*Remember, these time should be based on a very recent race performance - if you lack one, run conservative, it’s much, much better to run a bit conservative than aggressive.  These times assume you're working out on a track.  If you’re working out on a hilly course, running into the wind or on funky footing please throttle the paces back several ticks.  Also add 1-3 seconds per 400 based if you’re working out on roads, dirt or grass.

Warmup and cool down routines unless otherwise noted:


Warmup:  2-4 mi easy, light drills, 80-100m strides on grass at good relaxed speed - be warmed up and strided out by 6:30 PM at the Poly lower grass rec field for the start of the workout. 

Warmdown:  2-4 mi easy straight into rehydrating and grabbing a 30 gr carb/6 gr protein snack.  Get home and eat a proper meal.  16 oz lemon water at sleep and 16 oz first thing in the AM.  


Warmup:  Cuesta 8:00 AM meet up - park at Fairbanks.  2-4 mi warmup, light drills, 6-8 x Diagonal Accelerations barefoot on grass (30-40m at XC race effort, 30-40m like you’re racing the last 800 of a 5k, 30-40m at good, fast relaxed finishing speed) with walk across recovery. 

Warmdown:  1 mile super, duper easy barefoot on grass straight into rehydrating and grabbing a 30 gr carb/6 gr protein snack.  2 sets hurdle drills + optional strength work.  Run back to Fairbanks. Get home and eat a proper meal.  16 oz lemon water at sleep and 16 oz first thing in the AM.

10/28-11/3:  Daylight Savings Time ends 11/3

Mon:  45-60 min + Light drills and quick, loose strides post run. 

Wed:  3-5 x (4 x 400).  3 x 400’s at CV + 1 x 400 at 5k (so 400 at CV, CV, CV, 5k and repeat) 60 sec btw ea, 2 min btw sets + 3-6 x 30 sec hill rep at 1500 w/ jog down rec. 

Sat:  MD:  1-2 x 5k at MP/Tempo w/ 1 mi at 80% btw each on roads, 5 min, 3-6 x 200 at 3k/1500 w/ 60 sec on grass.  LD:  2-3 x 5k at MP/Tempo w/ 1 mi btw each at 80% on roads.  


Mon:  45-60 min + Light drills and quick, loose strides post run. 

Wed:  3-5 x (800 at 5k, 2 min, 800 at 5k, 2 min, 400 at 3k/1500).  5 min btw sets. 

Sat:  4-8 x Wake Forest Drill, Fairbanks.  800 slight uphill on dirt at CV effort, 800 back at 20-30 sec slower.   Back and forth, no breaks - a continuous run (i.e. 2:30/2:50 or 3:30/4:00, etc), 5 min + 3-6 x 200 at 3k/1500, 200 rec <OR>Sun:  Clarksburg 1/2, Sac.


Mon:  45-60 min + Light drills and quick, loose strides post run. 

Wed:  8-12 x 800 at CV on grass w/ 60 sec, 5 min + 3-6 x 30 sec Hill Reps at 1500

Sat:  1-2 x (4 x 400 at 3k/1500, 2 x 1k at 5k, 2 x 400 at 3k/1500).  2 min btw each, 5 min btw sets.

11/18-11/24: Easy week.  Cut back all runs by 15-20% - the goal is to exit the week fresher than you entered it.  Week will feel like crap BUT you should be mentally and physically ready for the next jump up the intensity charts.  

Wed:  6-8 x in/out 400’s - 400 at 10k/400 at 20 sec slower. Each set is 1 faster 400 and 1 slightly slower 400, back and forth, no breaks, a continuous run. Ex: 70/90/70/90 etc. Total run is 3-4 miles <OR> Thurs:  Turkey Trot

Sun: PA/USATF Champs, Golden Gate Park SF + 20-30 min warmup, 30-60 min warm down.


Wed:  4-8 x 2 min on/off at Tempo/CV. 

Sat:  2-4 x Aggie 2 mile (1600 at CV, 800 at 80%, 800 at 5k) 5 min btw each 2 mile.  MD types (true 800/1500 people), do slightly less, but add 3-6 x 200 at 3k/1500 w/ 60 sec rec.  LD types (5k+) do more sets and pass on these surges. 1-2 mile easy.  1 set hurdle drills.

12/2-12/9:  Easy week.  Cut back all runs by 15-20% - the goal is to freshen up for Nationals.

Tuesday:  4-8 x in/out 400’s (400 at 10k, 400 at 10k + 20 sec, back and forth, no recovery). 2-4 mi warm down. 

Sat: 2018 USATF Club XC National Championships, Spokane WA.

Example weekly structure:

Sun:    Long Run 60-120 min easy as a single.  Hills are good if you can work them in.  

Mon:  AM:  Easy 20-40 min*                    PM:  Easy 30-60 min + light drills and quick turnover strides

Tues:  AM:  Easy 20-40 min*                    PM:  Easy 30-60 min

Wed:  AM:  Easy 20-40 min*                    PM:  Workout

Thurs: Mid Week Long 60-90 min w/ last 3-4 miles at 80% type effort hilly run as a single.  You can flip Thursday w/ Tuesday if it works better for your schedule

Fri:            AM:  Easy 20-40 min*                   PM:  30-60 min super easy recovery jog or day off

Sat:           AM.  Workout                                PM:  Easy 20-40 min*

*The second 20-40 min run on many of the days are for people looking to get 60 or greater miles per week.  If you’re in the 40 or so miles per week range, remove the 20-40 min second run.  If you’re in the 40 miles per week range consider substituting the 20-40 min easy run with a walk, hike or swim instead.  If you’re looking to add 5 or so miles a week to what you ran last year, an easy thing to do is add a mile on a few runs per week.

Potential races for the next few months:

11/11:            Clarksburg 1/2m

11/18:            PA/USATF XC Champs, Golden Gate Park

11/22: Silicon Valley Turkey Trot

12/2:             CIM USATF National Marathon Champs

12/9:             USATF National Club XC Champs

12/16:            Xmas Relays

2019 Stuff to consider:

Various Dates:  Indoors

1/20:              Houston 1/2m or Carlsbad 1/2m or RnR Arizona 1/2m

2/2:                USATF Winter XC Champs

2/22-24: USATF Indoor Champs

5/5: USATF Half Marathon Champs

5/9: USATF Road Mile National Champs

6/22: Grandmas Marathon

7/25-28: USATF National Outdoor Track and Field Champs

The basic plan for the fall for Club XC’s, Indoors or an early 2019 half or full marathon:


7/8-8/4:         4 weeks Off-Season:  Easier runs, establish long runs, double days, hillier runs, strides.  Building volume is job #1.   Any race is for fun and at a tempo effort.


8/5-9/1:         4 weeks Pre-Season:  Keep building miles.  Very optional, very light workouts added in for those looking to add some variety  i.e.  3-4 miles easy, 8-10 x 20 seconds upbeat, 40 seconds off, 3-4 miles easy or 6-10 miles negative split out/back run. First half easy, last half at no faster than 80% (90-100 sec/mile slower than mile race pace or 45-50 sec/mile slower than 10k race pace).  Add in light core work if desired.

9/2-9/29:      4 weeks Pre-Season:  Max weekly mileage should be achieved by now.  Workouts still pretty mellow.  Hill reps, longer 80% runs - 6-10 miles for LDs.  3-7 miles for MD’s.  Warmup drills and overall strength work introduced.


9/30-11/24:  8 weeks Early-Season:  Multi Paced Strength work while maintaining the weekly miles.  Workouts and races are consistently moderate efforts.  Full warmup routine including drills and accelerations, strength work for those inclined:  300-400’s at CV/10k, moderate, mid length tempos w/ some sort of longer paced interval tacked on.  Mile reps, 800’s at tempo type effort w/ some faster, shorter work tacked on.  Full slate of warmup drills and hurdle work.


11/25-2/2:  Event specific workouts, solid races for 5-7 weeks + a 2-3 week taper.  Look for a goal half marathon, cross or indoor performance through the early part of 2019.