Hey Gang,

Here's an overview of the next block of training.  For those looking to be their best at Club XC Nationals or CIM in December with 5k-1/2 Marathon or XC stops along the way. 

7/23-8/19:    Block 2:  General Conditioning. (4 weeks – week #4 is easy)
    -Goal:  Mileage high, intensity low.  Work towards your Fall weekly mileage goals for the week by the end of the month.  Reintroduce some intensity.
    -Workouts:  light fartleks, negative splits.

Reintroduce some intensity while getting on the the weekly miles.  The weekly miles should be roughly at the level you intend to maintain throughout the next 2 months of training program.  If you’re thinking 90 MPW as the high for this coming fall, you should be in mid 80’s at this point and look to build on this over the next 8 weeks.  The workouts through the next 8 weeks are not supposed to be super hard.  The goal here is moderate intensities and lots of miles.  Maintaining the higher level of miles while trying to hammer your workouts will lead to only one thing being hammered and that’s you.  Keep the paces conservative.
*    Long Run:  Should be 90-120 minutes based on experience, try to make it roughly 20-25% of your weekly mileage.
*    AE days:  approx 45-60 minutes.  Aerobic Endurance runs (AE) are simply runs where you start at a very easy recovery pace and run with the primary goal of covering the distance.  As your fitness improves the pace at the end of these runs can become fairlybrisk.  If this happens to you, feel blessed and go with the flow.  This isn’t the type of run where you force the pace at all, rather you run on the easy side of life and as you warm-up you naturally pick up the pace.
*    Double days:  20-40 minutes easy.  Add these on hard rep, hill run or tempo days first and foremost
*    Recovery days:  make one - two days each very easy recovery days.  A 30-45 minute jog or a DNR or active recovery such as swimming that sort of thing. The other option would be 2 x 30-40 minutes easy (on in the AM and one in the PM), just easy.  Make sure that a recovery day is at a butt slow jogging pace.
*    Strides:  4-8 100m efforts at mile race pace effort on grass after 1-2 runs during the week if possible.  30 + seconds between each.
*    Add a mid week run at an easy to moderate effort.  Ideally 12-15% of your weekly mileage.  This should be a 60-90 minute run with some hills in there.  Keep the paces in check here!  I know how group runs on these can get, so heed a word of warning, there are a handful of people who’ve made it through a steady diet of killing everyone each week on this run. Focus on hammering in November, not August.
Optional workouts.  2 per week.  All the following workouts should be proceeded by a 20-40 minutes AM/Lunch run if doing doubles.

Mid week LIGHT fartlek options:

*    Minutes:  8-12 x 60 sec on, 60 sec off at 10k effort
*    Jane Fonda:  15/30/45/60/90/120/90/60/45/30/15 sec on/off at 10k effort
*    Moneghetti:  2 x 90, 4 x 60, 4 x 45, 4 x 30, 4 x 15 sec on/off at 10k effort

Weekend Options:  
*    Negative split run:  A 30-40 minute run followed by 20-40 minutes at lighter steady state type effort at the fastest which means slower than marathon race pace. No hands on the knees stuff.  1-2 mile warm down.  
*    4-8 x 5 min on/off or 2-4 x 10 min on/off at marathon pace– not a real hard workout.
Easy Week (last week of above stage):  Cut back 20-25% on all runs:  recovery, AE, long runs.  Cut back number of reps the same % (ie, if doing 6 x 3 min on/off, cut it back to 4 x 3 min on/off)
Races:  You can race a low key race or two during this stage.  Good for determining fitness and paces to be run the following stage of training.  Not to be a real big deal, simply see where you're fitness is at.  You want to do these races with a long warmup.  So for instance, if you’re running Wharf to Wharf we’d ask you to park near the finish and run back to the start timing it so that you arrive pretty close to the start of the race.  Then you’d run the race at a solid effort and get in a 2 mile cool down.  For a 5k, a 40-60 minute run beforehand is not out of the question.  Feeling good is not the point, getting fit is.

Saturday play track day.  We’ve been doing the following on Saturdays myself included. If a 54 year old guy running 12 miles a week can get this done and see a benefit, you can too:
-2-4 mile warmup
    High Knees 2 x 20m, 20m stride out, walk back
    A Skips 2 x 20m, 20m stride out
    B Skips 2 x 20m, 20m stride out
    Ankling (Toy Soldiers) 2 x 15m
    Butt Kicks 2 x 20m, 20m stride out
    Caraocas x 40m full standing rec
    C skips 2 x 20m
-6-8 barefoot diagonal acceleration on grass infield with walk across recoveries
-Injury Prevention, Core Work
-2-4 mile warm down run

I’ve found the accelerations and drills to be a huge help in terms of improving functional strength and form. I’ll be asking for this to be done as part of our group workout warmups going forward, so a good idea to start getting at least consistent strides in the mix.

Fall Overview:
7/2-7/23:        Block 1: Easy base (3 weeks in length - week #3 is an easy week)
    -Goal:  Get back on the miles, strides
7/23-8/19:        Block 2:  General ConditioningI. (4 weeks – week #4 is easy)
    -Goal:  Get on the mileage, reintroduce some intensity.
    -Workouts:  light fartleks, negative splits.
    -XC Races:  Santa Cruz 8/19
8/20-9/16:        Block 3:  General Conditioning II(4 weeks - week #4 being an easy week)
    -Goal:  Intro XC training and higher weekly miles
    -Workouts:  200’s at 3k, 400’s at 5k pace, cruise intervals at tempo pace, straight tempo runs at MP.
    -XC Races:  GGP 9/10
9/17-10/14:        Block 4:  XC Specific training I.  (4 weeks - week #4 being an easy week)
    -Workouts:  Mile reps at 10k, 800’s at 5k, 400’s at 3k pace, 200’s at 1500, hill reps, tempos at half MP
10/15-11/11:    Block 5:  XC specific II (4 weeks - week #4 being an easy week)
    -Workouts:  Mile reps at 5-10k, 800’s at 3-5k, 400’s at 1500-3k pace
    -XC Races:  Matt Yeo 10/21
11/11-12/9:        Block 6:  Final push, + tapering - Focus on higher intensity work, then taper the 10 days heading into Nats.
    -Workouts:  Mile reps at 5k, 800 at 5k, 400’s at1500, Wake Forest drill, lots of 400’s at various paces
    -Races:  PA Champs 11/19, USATF CLUB NATIONALS 12/9 Lexington KY

First official Fall group practice in SLO is Wednesday 8/23.  Hope to see many of you there.

Any questions, let me know.