Training Block: July 2 - July 29

Coach Rubio Says:

I hope everyone has been enjoying their Summer.  I want to welcome all the new people, so many fresh faces - very exciting!

The following training applies to our MD folks looking primarily at outdoor track, those looking to make our USATF Club Cross Nationals Squad (12/9, Lexington KY - tough course!) or those shooting for CIM 12/3.  CIM serves as the National Champs as well as providing an opportunity to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials.  We will all train under the same program for the first few blocks of training, then come 9/17, there will be a fork in the road to take.

Some general training tips for these next few weeks.

  1. Job #1, get the volume up.  If, for instance, you are coming off a break, ran roughly 80 MPW and were healthy for the most part last year, we’d be looking at a 40, 55, 70, 80 MPW kinda progression this month and then continue to build by adding approximately 5-10 MPW to that by the end of August.  If you’re already at a decent level of weekly miles currently, we’d be looking to add 5-10 MPW over the next few weeks to what you did last year.
  2. Job #2, keep the intensity fairly chill – meaning easy to moderate efforts on all runs, optional fartleks and races included.  We want you fresh right now, not well done.
  3. Run in the hills as much as possible.
  4. Do a weekend easier long run (20-25% or so of your weekly mileage) and a moderate length mid week longer run (12-15%).  Ifthe mid week run can be done over hiller terrain, so much the better.
  5. One true recovery day of a super easy day or take one day completely off per week.
  6. Doubles on your harder days first, then add in other days as you feel ready.  The weekend long run and mid week longer run should ideally be done as singles.  A warmup jog, strength and flexibility work for those MD folks done as a second effort for the day counts as a double.
  7. Optional fartlek mid week at an easy to moderate effort.  Did I mention this isn’t supposed to too terribly hard at this point in your season?

Optional Fartlek:

  • Week #1:  4-8 x 60 sec on/off or 4th of July fun run
  • Week #2:  6-10 x 60 sec on/off
  • Week #3:  8-12 x 60 sec on/off
  • Week #4:  Easy week, 4-8 x 60 sec on/off

Weekend option (7/8-7/28)

  • Starting Saturday July 8, we will have an optional group play track day at Cuesta (8:00 Fairbanks for the warmup).  Looks like this:
    • 2-4 mile run
    • Drills
    • 6-8 x barefoot accelerations on the track infield
    • 6-8 laps of stride the straight/jog the turn or 6-8 laps of barefoot jogging on infield
    • Injury prevention:  bosu ball, med ball, bands, light weights, balance, body weight exercises, etc
    • 2-4 mile run
  • August we replace the stride the straights/jog turns with some softer tempo work (i.e. 3-4 x 5 min on/off, 2 x 10 min on/off etc)
  • Lighter shake out strides 1-2 days a week after your primary run for the day are a very nice addition.

First official Fall group practice in SLO is Wednesday 8/23. Any questions, let me know.  Have a safe and sane 4th.