HOKA Aggies RC Track Meet Entries

As a perk for continuing your post collegiate competitive track career Darius Terry will coordinate entries for the track meets listed below.  If you are able to get entered into the meet, the Club will pick up your entry fee. Darius can be reached at darius.terry@athletics.ucsb.edu.

To be eligible for this perk, please have the following completed before contacting Darius:

  1. Paid your 2019 HOKA Aggies RC club dues: https://www.aggiesrunning.com/join-aggies/

  2. Have a 2019 PA/USATF card being registered as with the HOKA Aggies RC (club #111): https://www.pausatf.org/joinrenew-now/

  3. Have a personal account at Direct Athletics: https://www.directathletics.com/

2019 HOKA Aggies RC Track Meet Schedule and Entry Deadlines:

  • 6/8-9: Portland Track Classic, Adrian Martinez Classic (HOKA Sponsored) - contact by 5/24 (entries close 5/27)

  • 6/29: Jim Bush - contact by 6/20 (entries close 6/23)

  • 7/11-14: USATF Masters National Track Champs - contact by 6/10 (entries close 6/13)

  • 7/13: rabbit track classic, Santa Barbara (1500, 5,000 only) – (TBD)

  • 7/19: Stumptown, Portland - contact by 7/7 (entries close 7/10)

  • 7/25-28: USATF National Outdoor Track Champs, Des Moines (TBD)

  • 9/5: Long Island Mile (HOKA Sponsored) – (TBD)

Please contact Darius within 48 hours of the meet if you need to scratch.

Darius will work as hard as he can to get you into a meet, however he is a volunteer and not a professional agent. If you are particular about the heat you are entered in, please take it upon yourself to enter the meet on your own.

Many Thanks to Darius for stepping up and helping out!