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4 Races x 2000 Driving Miles x Newborn

4 Races x 2000 Driving Miles x Newborn

Before having our first baby, Ethan, on March 13, I decided that committing to a series of PA races would be the best way to guarantee that my fitness survived the big life changes to come. I would be dragging my fiancé Amanda along, because she’d be on maternity leave. I knew I would be sleep deprived, but I’d have a sense of urgency about my training and I would race myself into shape doing Stow Lake 5k, the Los Gatos Great Race 4 Miler, and the Danville Mile. Then the HOKA ONE ONE Project Carbon X was added and the agenda turned to 4 races in 3 weeks for my new family. Somehow it seemed to work, but it wasn’t easy. 

Geiken, Bauhs One-Two at Lawson Memorial XC

Geiken, Bauhs One-Two at Lawson Memorial XC

By Gordon Abbott

Cool and sunny weather following a couple of days of light rain made for perfect racing conditions in Marin County today. The HOKA ONE ONE Aggie Open Men's Team took full advantage at the John Lawson Memorial cross country race at China Camp by the San Francisco Bay. 

The course is a test. A fairly tight fire road start gives way to rolling single track after a quarter mile. A mile of that takes you to a quarter mile of blacktop and a sharp left back onto up-and-down single track which lasts until the finish. To quote the great beer miler Brandon Shirk, "You gotta get out." A slow start can leave you struggling to pass on the twisting trail. 
Will G and Scott got out hard, taking Johnny Lawson Jr. of Tamalpa with them. Although an out of shape Johnny faded a bit, Will and Scott rolled to a one-two finish to lead a winning Aggie squad. Mark (5th), Derek (7th), and Aric (11th) filled out the scorers, with Neil, Tyler, and Brent right behind. It was a great day for Derek, who is clearly on an upward trajectory.
 With wins at Santa Cruz, GGP, Garin Park and the Matt Yeo meet, only the PA championships on November 19th remain in the quest for a perfect PA season. After that it's on to Lexington for Nationals.


In addition to the fine showing by the Open Men's team, some of our veteran Aggies XC runners answered the call as well. We were just one geezer short of a team: Doug, Roger, Jeff, and Ernest acquitted themselves well, finishing within about 30 seconds of eachother. Along the way, Doug won the over sixties by a comfortable margin.

Ryan Gustafson elected not to run but showed up with his camera to be our photographer. Thanks for that and to Amanda from HOKA ONE ONE for showing up to keep us all in line...

When you race in Marin, a post race lunch stop at Marin Brewing Company has become a tradition. That was fun as always. If you haven't witnessed it yet, these are great times for our club. We will be in full force at PA's. Don't miss it!


Bauhs 2nd at Marin 10K

Bauhs 2nd at Marin 10K

By Scott Bauhs

I came into this race with little idea of what to expect.  I have had some good workouts over the past few months, but those didn't translate into the races I was hoping for.  As a result, I have been bipolar with my training by overdoing it a few weeks ago and then bringing the volume and intensity way down the week before this race.  On top of that, I had a busy Sunday and was on the road much later than is ideal the night before a race (including an extra hour of driving when I realized I forgot my bag and had to turn back).

With all of those qualifiers stated, I'm quite pleased with my second place here.  The 5 minute opening mile was much more manageable than the paces at my other recent races, so I was able to build confidence gradually as the pace grew swifter.  The second half of this race was certainly brisker than the first, but I felt good and stayed with the lead group as I was still in the hunt.  I'm not sure I could say the same if our splits were turned inside out. 

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that for almost the entire race I was sitting on Will, Phil or Sean as we all let Malcom Richards of West Valley do all the work.  This added another layer of comfort.  I wasn't completely selfish, as I made an aggressive move with about 8 minutes of race remaining, intent on securing a HOKA ONE ONE Aggie sweep.  This move ended up working roughly as intended, but I would be lying if I didn't admit that 2 minutes after making the move I was questioning my decision.  In the final mile, Phil took over and I did my very best to hang with him but he's simply too fit right now.  I managed to best Will, something that probably wouldn't have happened if I had done the same workout that he and the others did the prior Wednesday instead of my much easier workout.

Finally, it felt great to have a good race after a few disappointments.  It felt even better to do it with friends.  I'm looking forward to the next stage of training before I resume racing later in July.