By Will Geiken

In the weeks leading up to Brisbane I strung together my first big boy workouts of the season, and I was starting to feel like I might finally be able to take the win in the annual “parking lot 5k”. Then Darius let us know that he’d be coming up as well, so I figured second would be cool too.

In a somewhat rare turn of events, the race played out almost exactly as I imagined it going. After the first 50m or so, Darius and I were leading side by side with a small pack rolling along behind us. Over the next two miles he and I felt each other out with small surges and hard turns that slowly trimmed the lead pack down to just the two of us. Knowing that my chances in a sprint were close to nil I put in a few more bids for the lead, but Darius covered each of them with ease. Then, at about a half mile out, he started ratcheting up the pace and I was left running solo just like everyone behind me had been.

All credit to Darius for a race well run and to the Aggies as a group for a phenomenal team presence! It’s not a new idea, but it sure is great being a part of a team that pushes each other to bigger and better things.