By Jameson Mora

Even with a the newest edition to the family, baby number four Boaz born 5/19/19 training has been going very well. He is great sleeper. He only wakes up once each night and goes right back to sleep once he is done nursing. My wife Heather has been amazing with him. The whole family has been extremely supportive of my running.

This is the third time I've raced the Mammoth Half Marathon. So I know the course pretty well. It starts at 9000ft then at mile 3 there is 1000ft drop over the next 3.5 miles. After that there a few hills that feel much steeper than they really are because of the altitude. I went in way over confident because I'm completely acclimated to the elevation and I've been running lots of hills. I've had this race in mind the last few weeks and made it a point to keep a steady pace on some long downhill stretches to prepare for 1000ft drop over.

I went with the new Carbon X for this race. I went out conservatively the first 3 three miles, about 5:25s and I was in the lead. Then I hit the downhill. I kept a steady effort. I didn't want to destroy my legs, ran about 4:40-4:45 pace. Once I hit the first uphill around mile 7 my legs were dead anyway. Even though I didn't feel very tired I could not keep a very fast pace after that. Ended up with the win and time of 1:09:47. Overall I'm satisfied with the race. I ran 1 minute faster that I did last time and won by seven minutes.

Shoe: Carbon X