By Darius Terry

It was quite a three week stretch for me. I started off with a 5k at the Bryan Clay Invitational, in which I broke the 14 minute barrier for the first time since 2011. Afterwards, my confidence was as high as it had ever been and I was able to follow it up with a couple of great performances on the roads for the Aggies.

First up was the Saratoga Great Race. The 4-mile distance had me a bit nervous, as I consider myself to be more of a 1500/5k runner. I decided to be patient throughout this race and get a feel for what the field was going to do. Luckily, about halfway through the race it was three Aggies up front–myself, Will Geiken, and Scott Bauhs. Scott is definitely the most experienced and accomplished in all distance races, so I knew my best bet was to wait until late and leave it to a kick. At about 400m remaining, I made a move and was able to secure the victory, but even more exciting was that the Aggies went 1-2-3 and I was pretty confident that we had secured the team victory as well.

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Just a week after the Saratoga Great Race was a two day stretch that was extremely taxing on the body. First up was the Hoka Project X 10 x 10k. With a world record on the line, I could not take this opportunity for granted and receiving the baton in the lead I could not lose the lead. Although I ran with a side stitch from about mile 2 until the finish, I was able to run the 10k at just about 5 min pace, and our team walked away as world record holders!

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The next morning, was the Danville Mile of Truth. Although I felt pretty good post 10k and quickly felt that effect of the previous race as soon as the Mile began. Although fatigued, I still gave it my best effort as I always have a soft spot in my heart for 1500/miles. About 800 meters in, I realized that first place was out of reach, but I still gave it my best effort and was able to secure second place overall and another team win for the Aggies.

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