By Renae Searls

I went with my parents to go watch the older Aggies race the Stow Lake Stampede 5k in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. My dad had told me the night before that they were having a kids one mile race. During the night I had a hard time sleeping thinking that I might want to race. My mom and dad did not race since they were still fighting some nagging injuries. That morning I decided I would represent the Searls family for the Aggies and signed up to run the kids one mile race. 

Before my race, I watched the Aggie men and women race the 5k and was inspired by how fast they all ran. This made me think that I was going to have to race fast too! The kids mile was age 12 and under and I was 12 so when I went up to the starting line to the race, there were a lot of younger kids racing too. The gun went off and I got out to a good start at a nice and steady pace. Unknown to me, the race would end up being a lot less than a mile. The race volunteers signaled us to turn around at 600 meters. I let the leaders of the race get too big of a lead. 

At the turn around, I was in 5th place as we headed slightly uphill to the finish line. With about 200 meters to go, I heard the familiar voice of the race announcer, Pete Sweeney. I ended up catching all but one person, finishing second overall and the first girl finisher! I knew the race was shorter than a mile because my finishing time was 5:01 and my fastest mile I've ever run was a 6:18 mile in P.E. The race was a great experience and I was proud to represent the HOKA ONE ONE Aggies!