By Gordon Sturgess

This year I decided to be a little more aggressive when I race to see if I liked that better! So I have been doing that in every race, and it's definitely a lot different than getting out slow and working up through the pack. 

This past week I raced the SLO Half Marathon. I wanted to get out around the pace I want to hit in the half marathon at Grandma's on June 16th. So I did just that and I held it through mile 5-6. From mile 7-11 there were some hills and little gusts of wind, but I wasn't going to let that get to me, so I kept pushing and kept grinding those miles. After the 11th mile I was home free to give it all I had left in the the tank to try to catch Phil (my teammate), but he was a little too far out of reach, and I finished in second place with a time of 1:08:30. I was pretty happy with it!! 

I love this team! They are fun, and they are inspiring me to keep pushing past my limits! Plow plow plow! #timetofly

The Shoes: Tracer 2

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