By Jameson Mora

After a summer plagued with little injuries and illnesses, training was starting to come together, at least until the week of the race. I got a cold five days before the race, and was very close to scratching. Then I started to feel better two days before, so I figured I should at least give it a shot. I brought the whole family (wife and three kids) to watch this one.

I came through mile one at around 5:05 and felt good. There were two other guys with me. The next mile was about the same, and I still felt good so I figured I'd be able to win the race if the pace stayed the same. Then around mile four, it felt like they started to put in a big surge and they both got a few seconds ahead, but when I saw my split I realized I had just slowed way down and I was hurting. I gave it another mile then pretty much decided to drop out. Near mile seven, you can see the finish. Also near that spot on the course there is a small out and back, and I saw that no one was close behind me. I was in 3rd, and prize money goes three deep, plus my wife and kids were watching. So I changed my mind and decided to do my best to finish and hold on. It was a miserable final six miles. I held on to a 5:30 pace for the rest of the race and held on to my 3rd place position. My final time was 1:11:38.

My kids are finally old enough to appreciate watching me run. They were very proud. They knew my goal was to finish in the top 3. Even though it was a slow time it turned out to be one of the most satisfying races of the year.