By Sergio Reyes

If You Can't Beat 'em, Show Up More Often

I take every race one at a time, so when we started off the 2107 PA road circuit with the Redding 10-miler in an alternate location under colder conditions, it felt like it was going to be a long year. Due to flooding at Redding, the race moved to the Shasta Dam. That Dam course was dam wet, dam windy, and dam cold, which made for dam slow times. However, I was reminded seeing so many folks show up, ready to race, that runners are a resilient bunch and are dedicated to getting their race effort in, rain or shine. That, or some are cheap and don't like to waste their entry fee. In any case, it was a benefit to get matched up against a competitive group so early in the year and to get things going in the PA. It was also exciting to be a part of the first ever HOKA ONE ONE Aggies Running Club team race, a bragging point that I can hold over other Aggies at social gatherings (including El Presidente and Coach Rubio). 

From Redding, there were ups and downs, from races getting more and more competitive to abnormal circumstances cancelling PA events. It was definitely a weird year and one that didn't turn out anything like I'd planned at the beginning. Still, I found that if you do everything to stay consistent and put in the work, you can be happy with the result and not fret over the things that are out of your control. It's rare that you only run four events and you end up winning the circuit, but seeing as how the long series guys race more distance than the entire short series and XC series distances combined, I'd say I'm fine with that.

Props to our new road captain for getting us to field teams where we could last year. With the 2018 PA Series starting up in a few weeks, I'm looking forward to another year of travel, team comraderie, friendly PA competition, developing our HOKA sponsor relationship, and the usual Aggie shenanigans. And yeah, if I'm not winning these upcoming races, I'll be the guy just sneaking in to get race comped next year.

PAUSATF 2017 Road Circuit - Men's Open Long Standings: