Fellow HOKA Aggie Masters and Senior Oldsters,

As for those of us who are a few years or decades beyond the open age group, we're also looking forward to lacing 'em up for another XC season this fall.
Returning masters runners include Brian Parodi (last year's overall individual PA title winner), Kevin Pierpoint (18th in Nationals last year), and Alan Jackson (2nd in Natls. a few years back).  Consistent top performers Jaime Heilpern and Erich Ackermann are looking for some fresh-legged 40+ Aggie racers to help field full teams throughout our season and kill it at the PA championships where we were second place last year to powerhouse West Valley Track Club.  If we pull it together in November we can reverse that order.  Then, we’ll take our team to XC nationals in Kentucky in December and take top three or even first.
Rumor has it that our own President Searls has been doing some training and is looking forward to toeing the line with fellow 50+ Aggies.  Maybe Jeff Shaver will be in for another Tamalpa race with free keg beer into cool free glass mugs?  Can he prod Mike "Nigel" Livingston to do the same?  These are the questions Jeff Hongo would like answered so he can have company this year in the senior division.  Chris Schille, a former Aggie great, could also be returning to the XC scene as he has been spotted at local running mecca Rancho San Antonio on the traditional Sunday runs held together forever by Charles Alexander, another 50-something life-time Aggie runner and promoter. "Breathing Man" could get his PA card in good working order this season and come race with us as well.
Doug Steedman, Tom Cushman, and Denis O'Halloran will be out to defend the 60+ PA championship title they earned last year.   Doug will also be out for a three-peat, after taking the individual 60+ title two years in a row.  They are also looking for teammates who are down for carrying the Aggie tradition of kicking ass during the XC season.  
Anyone out there who is interested in racing with us in whatever age group matches your driver's license, just let your co-captains (Hongo and Steedman) know and we'll get you hooked up on when we're expecting complete teams and what races we might sit out or seek local athletes. This way you can adjust your calendar accordingly.  It doesn't matter if you want to race once or twice or go do a bunch of them, come join us if you can and together we will plow, plow, plow. 

See you at the races...

Doug Steedman & Jeff Hongo
HOKA Aggies RC Men's Masters and Seniors XC Captains