Hey Aggies Open Men,

For those who don't know me, my name is Will Geiken and I've been an Aggie-by-relation for my entire life. Many thanks to my wonderful parents. I've also been a competing member of the Open Men's team for the past two years, and in that time I've had some of the best races and most enjoyable experiences of my life. Many thanks to this wonderful team.

This will be my first fall as our Open Men's Cross Country Captain, and I'm pretty flip'n excited for the coming season. We have a great group of savvy veterans and young gunners who all want the same thing in December: 3rd place at Club Nats. Only joking. While it has been made more difficult by the creation of certain super teams, we'll be racing for the win just like every year, and the exciting reality is that we will be in contention. 

That's looking a little ways down the road though. Before then we have to make sure that we roll through the cross country season and seal the PA title well before PAs. With everyone's participation, we shouldn't have to think twice when Strawberry Canyon starts reciting their favorite fruit salad assortment on the start line. On that note, there are certain races that are more important than others. They are listed below. Please be at them if you can.

  • October 21st, Matt Yeo Aggie Invite @ Martinez Waterfront Park - this is our home meet, and even if you aren't racing we will need volunteers to help facilitate the race.
  • November 19th, PAs @ Golden Gate Park - this is Pre-Nats, Conference, and Regionals all-in-one, so if you want to be on the Nationals squad, you need to race.
  • December 9th, XC Club Nationals @ Lexington, Kentucky - the big dance.
  • More pressingly, our first race of the season, the Santa Cruz Invite, is happening on August 19th. I'll be there, and I know that Gordon will be ready to throw down on anyone who wishes to challenge him on what has become his personal Tour de Pain. Let's start the season off right.

Plow, plow, plow,

Will Geiken
HOKA Aggies RC Open Men's XC Captain