By Phillip Reid

The 2017 Marin Memorial Day 10k was a fine showing all the way around for the HOKA ONE ONE Aggies.  Taking home my 6th individual title, along with sharing in a dominant Open Men's team win, demonstrate our commitment to the training, and repping our Aggies squad this season.

Saturday before the race I contracted a violent bout of food poisoning, leaving me feverish, achy, and useless for several hours.  So I did what I'm sure any reasonable human would do; I drove to the Bay to run a 10k the next day with Sean.

The race set up well with Malcom Richards of West Valley handling the bulk of the early pace work before Will and Scott took pulls after 4 miles.  With a mile to go I found myself leading with Scott and Will charging hard behind me.  In the end, I was able to pull off the win, but in a bigger sense, this race reaffirmed one of my foundational philosophies of competitive distance running: working together as a TEAM.  Racing alongside my teammates and having many Aggies in attendance cheering gave me the confidence to push through the pain.