By Gordon Sturgess

When I agreed to run the 2017 Christmas Relays, I didn't have any clue what shape I was in, but I wanted to do it for the team. When I woke up the day of the race I felt like crap, so I was really scared I would have to scratch the race. But I told myself, "Let's see how I feel during the warm up." I still felt like crap.

Now, my thoughts turned to, "I can't bail now." I got on the line, got the invisible baton and got out hard the first 400, then chilled into 4:56. Then I told myself, "I have got to try to catch the 1st place guy." So I started to grind the next 3 miles. When I thought I saw the 1st place guy, I said, "I can get him in the last half mile." I caught him, but unfortunately it wasn't the 1st place guy.

"Well, I can't slow down now." So our team got 2nd and I finished in a time of 21:52 (average of 4:53 pace for 4.5 miles). I will take it for the first race back. I can't wait for the spring season to start! It's been a pleasure racing for the HOKA ONE ONE Aggies! ! love this team!!! Plow Plow Plow!!!!