By Gordon Abbott

Somewhere Matt is smiling... This was the Aggies at our best: Organizing a race, racing and winning, throwing a party, and doing all of it with panache. The lasting impression that I'm left with is one of Aggies old and new coming together, contributing, and having fun.

Race set up on Friday had Nolin (13) joining his dad Kevin, along with Joe and me. The races on Saturday had Aggies Founding Father 'nut, and new member (for only a matter of days) Sarah Jonathon, bookended around Aggies competing in six divisions. The post-race picnic had Heather and Jameson's very young kids along with 1977 and 2010 National Marathon Champs, Ed Schlegel and Sergio Reyes.

The races themselves were about as good as it gets. For the Open Women, a win, plus two more in the top 10. Masters Men were 2nd, with three in the top five. Senior Men were 5th (Wow! So many fit 50+ men in the PA!). The Open Men went nuts: 1 through 5, with seven in the top 10, and 13 in the top 20!  Something's happening here. What it is is perfectly clear. (Sorry Steve Stills...) We have a talented, enthusiastic, and well coached bunch of athletes who also happen to be fun to hang out with.

You can find out who did what, names and times, etc., elsewhere (PA Matt Yeo XC Results), but I'd like to single out a few. Will Geiken, Open Men's winner, has been an Aggie since birth and is also doing a great job as Captain. Fellow Los Gatos Wildcat (how about that?) Danielle Katz was in just her third race for the HOKA ONE ONE Aggies. She has two seconds and now a win! Danielle runs with a quirky Mona Lisa smile. Don't be fooled. She is, in the words of team mate Courtney Moore, "a beast".  Will graduated from Harvard, Danielle from Stanford. Both graduated charm school...

These homilies are not complete without acknowledging the workers. Thanks go as usual to the Searls family, and coach Joe, all of whom were out there on Friday afternoon and back again, in the dark, shortly after 6:00 AM on Saturday. Julie, Dirk, and Nolin handled the lead and caboose bike duties. Stacy Geiken took all the great pics.

Team captain can be a thankless job. So, "Thanks!" to Doug, Jeff, Will, Liza, and especially to Heather Mora, who is quickly learning that organizing runners is like herding cats.

Anyone notice that I love the Aggies? 😎