Joe attended Cal Poly SLO, graduating with a degree in engineering in 1983. His dad (1:58, 880 yard runner in late 1940-50's) fooled him into running to stay in shape for high school basketball. Joe now enjoys running for "those spurious, glorious moments in a workout or race when everything is working together, you can do no wrong, and every cell in your body is screaming, 'I am alive'."

Fun Fact: TBD

Favorite Aggie: Claudia Green

Personal Bests

  • Marathon - 2:25:58
  • Half Marathon - 1:06:54
  • 10mi - 49:54
  • 10K, road - 29:38
  • 5K, track - 14:24
  • 1500m - 3:53

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