Jeff joined the Aggies in 2007 and has been a staple to the Master Men's team, both as an athlete and as a team captain. He lives in Campbell and work as a teacher. Hongo says, "I run because it clears my mind and helps me maintain focus on the rest of my life. Running also provides me with a community of friends who also enjoy training and racing."

Fun Fact: Hongo has two sons who keep him busy outside of work and running.

Favorite Aggie: All of them

Personal Bests

  • Mile - 4:30
  • 5K - 15:30
  • 10K - 31:58
  • 10 mile - 54:45
  • Half Marathon - 1:14:30


  • Highlights = racing and winning with his teammates for four decades
  • Honors = working with Marshall Clark and being coached by Bill Campbell