Hannah joined the Aggies in 2018 after graduating from California State University, Chico with a BA in Child Development and a BA in Psychology. She currently lives in Santa Barbara, but spends her summers living in her favorite mountain towns. Hannah began running (non-competitively) on her school’s team in first grade, after being encouraged by her dad to try it out. She originally fell in love with the sport after making several friends through it, enjoying the comraderie that came with it.

While she has had many ups and downs with running, Hannah believes that she owes much of her success to her coaches, teammates, family, teachers, and friends for continuously pushing her to keep running competitively all the way up until this point. Without them, she feels she would not be who (or where) she is now. 

Recently, her good friend/college teammate Jason Intravaia (who has highly impacted her running career) asked her why she runs. Hannah replied “There are many reasons why I run. Aside from the competitive aspect of it, I run for the connection that I feel all around me when my feet hit the ground. It reminds me each day, that all of life is the same, and that we are all a part of the same magic. Running brings me closer to far places, and teaches me the values of strength, patience, and perseverance. It continuously gives me something to work toward, and is always something to fall back on when I feel that I have nothing else. It is an act that grows me as a human, and grows with me as an athlete.”

Fun Fact: She didn’t realize her potential in running until one race day, when she was a bit late to the starting line to use the restroom, her parents told her “the faster you run, the faster you will reach the bathroom”. Using their words as encouragement to run fast, she raced her best race that day, placing first! Her family still jokes with her about it to this day. 

Favorite Aggie: It’s very difficult to choose just one, but there will always be a soft spot in her heart for Gordon Abbott being so welcoming, and his dog Lucky for being so cute :)

Personal Bests

  • 1500m - 4:36.31

  • 5k - 16:24.97

  • 5k, XC - 18:59

  • 6k, XC - 20:32

  • 10k - 33:14.60

  • 6 mile, road - 34:13

  • 10 mile, road - 57:09


  • 4x NCAA D2 All-American

  • 4th place Individual Finish (10k) & 12th place Individual Finish (5k) at 2017 NCAA D2 Track & Field Championship 

  • 3rd place Individual Finish (10k) & 6th place Individual Finish (10k) at 2018 NCAA D2 Track & Field Championship 

  • 5k Champion at 2017 CCAA Track Conference Championship 

  • CCAA Champion at 2017 CCAA Cross Country Championships

  • 16th place Individual Finish at 2017 NCAA D2 XC National Championships

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