Alan joined the Aggies in 2011 and led the Open Men's XC team as Captain for several years, including two fantastic teams in 2011 (3rd in Club Nat's) and 2012 (2nd in Club Nat's). Now as a master, he still has some competitive spirit left in him. Cross country remains his true love, perhaps a tie with his wife and two daughters.

Fun Fact: Jameson Mora and Alan were the gold and bronze medalists (respectively) of the last Big Sur 5K Championships in 2011.

Favorite Aggie: Rosemarie Lagunas and Ken Culp

Personal Bests

  • 800m: 1:58

  • 10M: 51:23


  • Athlete of the Year, Lehigh University 1996

  • 2 time Urban Cow 1/2 Marathon Champ

  • 2nd place, 2014 Master's National Club XC Championships